⟹TRIM is directed direct to SSD firmware. If you do not know, the hard drive is the same as the computer BIOS in general.

⟹The storage media always writes and reads data. When deleting data, it is also a data writing activity as well. On hard disk, data deletion activity is not completely deleted. What is deleted is a link that refers to the data in the order of the data called the Table of Contents. If there is data to be written in the same sector, new data will be overwritten continuously in the old sector. This is called a replacement.

⟹In hard disk, this writing activity is normal. Unfortunately, not for SSD. The suppression activity will cause “data waste” or English is rubbish. This trash causes SSD to slow down over time as the old data is still there, making SSD compile old data with new ones. This makes SSD moist in reading data.

⟹The function of TRIM are to solves this issue of SSD. TRIM ensures that when the operating system wants to write in the same sector, the old data will be deleted completely without any trash. In addition, the TRIM function will also make all sectors removed and formatted clean. This will make SSD fast as new.