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You often hear computer users use the word “virus”. So what is this virus?

This term is used to describe machine code commands, that when inserted into computer memory can be done, copying itself into files and other programs on the computer.

If the hacker wants him to be able to cause serious problems in this way.

A virus is actually exploiting users, as it is in an easy term piece of software or order order that causes unwanted behavior in the computer operating system or application.

To protect your system, you must install and use credible software and ensure that you always delete all unknown mails you receive.

If there is any doubt about any software functionality, you must be careful and do not install the same. Always make sure you delete the email you received from an unfamiliar sender or random person, do not worry about opening this email you received because you can target your system to the virus. You should remember that adult websites are hacking paradise, so avoid them.

Another way to protect your system is not to open ads that often arise when you use the Internet. The easy way for a virus to transfer from one computer to another is to share a hard drive and a USB CD.

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Types of Viruses

1. Trojan Horse Trojan horse, in a computer is a program, where the malicious code is contained that controls the data and breaks the file allocation table on the hard drive. It is considered a virus if reproduced.

2. Logic Bomb or Time Bomb In this case there is data deletion from the hard disk or there is a major program corruption. It contains a virus that starts destroying the system once the set time is erased so it is also called a time bomb.

How to protect your Computer from Viruses and Trojans?

We can protect our computer by installing anti-virus software.

This anti-virus software program looks for evidence by examining the typical behavior of viruses, worms, bombs and others.

When the software encountered a problem, it undo the infected file. This anti-virus software program is not very expensive. There are some that can be downloaded or available for free (for a specified trial period).

Antivirus programs need to be updated regularly to avoid any threats to your system. You can also set your system to automatically update anti-virus programs. The same applies to your Windows Operating System.

How do we know that our computer has been hacked?

It’s really hard to know whether your computer has been hacked because there is no change or appearance on your system for this effect.

You can see the following:

Sometimes, you may find some new programs or files that are inside your computer. If you are the sole user of your computer, this can be an indication that the computer has been hacked.

To find out if hackers have attacked your system, you can see Backdoor and Trojans which are the most common programs installed after a computer has been hacked. This is a program that allows hackers to gain access to your system.

Password Change – Password changes can be made by hackers, which can change your online account passwords. In this case, you must contact the service provider if you are unable to check your email account.

Another possibility of a hack is, if your password to login to your computer system has changed. This is something that can not be done alone and therefore you must check and change your system password.

A hacked computer shows slower internet connections. This is because when a hacker takes over your computer, it is far from your computer and the computer connected remotely indicates that it has been hacked.

If you look at computers doing things as if somebody else is controlling, it can be an indication that the computer has been hacked.

Hacking is a serious threat to society and is considered a criminal offense.