All online games you play must have their own regional server. Many online games can be played by accessing the internet. But what if the online game you want to play does not have a server? It is supposed to be a notification of the launch of the blocked game will appear.

NEXON’s famous game publishers with quality online games have access in some areas, but in Indonesia NEXON does not have dedicated servers for some games, such as Vindictus and Rider Of Icarus. But this Launc Blocked Game can be overcome with a trick that we will share with you. Please read it until it’s over! 🙂

Because games blocked / IP blocked

Game launc blocked / IP blocked because the game we play has no server.

How to overcome game blocked blocked / IP blocked

You can change the IP address to another Ip address that may have the game server you want to play.

Here we will give you some tutorial on how to change your computer’s IP with other IP areas. Just look at the steps below.

1. Use the software “CyberGhost 5.5” (Please search on Google)
2. Install the software on your computer
3. Open CyberGhost 5.5 (If the update appears ignored)
4. Click on the “Simulated Country” section as shown below.

5. Select the country where you would like the IP address (USA Recommendation) and click OK

6. Click on the yellow button with the text “Click here to start protection”. CyberGhost will work.
7. If Cyberghost has appeared as shown below, this means that it succeeded in changing the IP address.

8. Now you can open the game with no problem “Game Launc Blocked” again.

Additional Information:

If outbound time at Cyberghost when changing IP as shown below you can use Speedhack Firut from Cheat Engine to speed up the countdown time.

How to make CyberGhost Speedhack using Cheat Engine:

1. Open Cheat Engine.
2. Click Open in the upper left corner then select Cyberghost and click open.

3. Enable “Enable Speedhack” on the right cheat engine. Raise numbers up to 100.0 and click apply.

4. Therefore, calculations on CyberGhost will decrease faster.

In the above way, you can play the game using an external server, because your IP address is now detected as USA Escape (In accordance with the country you choose), you can play games like Vindictus, Rider Of Icarus and others, whose servers are not registered in Indonesia. Happy to play.