Wifi file transfer is an android app that has file transfer feature between Android PC. In the operation, Wifi file transfer will make your android file manager accessible via PC with the address (IP) generated by the application as long as the PC and Android are connected in the same WiFi network. With this app, you can copy files from your Android device or insert / upload files to your Android.

Before starting the file transfer tutorial between PC and Android, there are 3 things you need to provide:

1. PC or laptop
2. Android application that has been installed with Wifi Transfer
3. A wifi network that connects PC and Android.

Once all three of the above are ready, please follow these steps:

1. Please open the Wifi File Transfer application, then you will deal with the display as shown below:

wifitransfer 1

2. Click on Start, then the application will start operating and generate an IP address that you can access via PC.

wifitransfer 2

wifitransfer 3

3. Open the IP address listed in the application, then your Android device directory will be displayed. For example, here is the view of my Android device directory:

wifitransfer 4

It appears in the picture, in addition to file names there are some links that can be used for operations such as copies to duplicate files to other folders, delete to delete files, rename to rename files, and download to download files to PC.

wifitransfer 5

4. To download the file from android device to PC, please open the folder location where the file you want to download, then click download to the right of the file name. For example, I will download a file called Assignment_Waiting Lines.docx, so what I do is just click the download link on the right and the download will run as usual.

wifitransfer 6

wifitransfer 7

5. To upload a file, or in other words take a file from the PC to put in android. You can use the upload feature provided by Wifi file transfer. It’s located to the right, just below Android device information.

wifitransfer 8

6. To upload files to android device, please click on Select Files then select the file you want to upload. Then click start and the uploading process will run. After the upload process is complete, the directory window will be reloaded again and there you will see the file you uploaded has been entered.

wifitransfer 9

wifitransfer 10

7. In this upload feature, you can also upload folders with notes that you must use google chrome to open the IP address provided. Note: the example above uses Mozilla Firefox.

From here, the file transfer tutorial from PC to Android or otherwise completes. You can transfer files anytime you want, note that both devices are connected in 1 WiFi network, can also use WiFi connectivity from Android.