1) Set the distance of the view

Mengatur jarak pandang Monitor

Arrange the distance of the eye with the monitor screen, the exact distance to the front of the monitor screen is about 4 cm. Do not get too close to the monitor screen but do not go too far when dealing with the monitor screen.

2) Set the lighting

pencahayaan pada layar monitor

To prevent eye damage, you can adjust the lighting on the monitor screen. You can adjust the contrast and also the description on the screen. Customize the settings so you can be really comfortable.

3) Observe lighting / light

Mengatur pencahayaan ruangan

The faulty eyes are caused by the wrong explanation, even lighting / light can cause damage to the eye. You can arrange lighting / light at home or at the office. Do not use illumination / light that is too bright, this can make the eye worse. You can use the illumination / light by opening the room window so that the outside light can fit into the room.

4) Adjust colors and letters
Arrange and adjust the color and size of the letters on the computer. If the letter setting is too small, the eyes become tense and the body becomes more likely towards the computer screen.

5) Rest your eyes

Mengistirahatkan Mata

Tired eyes can not be forced to work in front of the computer screen, so, if eyes are too tired, you have to relax first. Relax your eyes for at least 15 minutes after you are in front of the computer screen for 2 hours.

6) Use glasses

Gunakan kacamata

If you have problems with your eyes, you can use glasses that fit your eye problems. This can reduce your eye health problems in front of the computer screen.

Working in front of the computer screen should be emphasized, this is to prevent damage to your eyes.