It usually works to disassemble or isolate computer components because there are components that are not working and can not be repaired. Becoming a loss if not using other components is still working. Here, we’ll share how best to open all the components in a computer that can not be used anymore.

A few tips before unpacking your computer components:

1.  Avoid touching the device with wet hands. If possible, should wear gloves.

2. Prepare all the tools you want to use to unpack your computer components.

3. Make sure the computer is off and safe from electricity.


  • Open the CPU casing and put it in a lying position.

  • Open all cables connected to the device inside the CPU. (open carefully so as not to damage the port where the cable is stuck). Then open Power Supply. (Make sure all cables are disconnected from each Port).

  • Open hard disk drives and CD / DVD Roms using screwdrivers (usually 4 screws). After all screws are removed, remove the hard disk from its place, then place it in a dry and flat place. Make sure the SATA cable has been removed from the hard disk and motherboard.

  • Open RAM by pressing the keys on the edge of the RAM. Note that the key actually opened before removing the RAM from the socket.

  • After the RAM is opened, open the motherboard with all screws installed on the screws. Then remove the motherboard from the casing.

  • Open the processor heatsink (how to open the processor heatsinks varies depending on device form and socket). Do not forget to open the cable that connects the heatsink to the motherboard.

  • Open Processor by unlocking Processor Socket. Be cautious, as there are several processors using a needle to run the currents.