Some of you may have experienced the problem we are going to cover this. That is a hidden file in flashdisk. There are actually 2 possible causes of hidden files. First, it may be wrong to press that the file is hidden and the second is probably caused by the virus.

There is a way to restore that hidden file. The way it is not too easy and it is not too difficult. It also does not require any other software. Just use the features that are already available in windows OS only.

Let’s get started:

1) First possibility: Accidental mistake press that makes the file hidden

Notice that in the “Drive G” image, only 1 folder exists where there are 3 folders. Other folders are all hidden.

The ways to do this are:

a) Open the control panel, right click on start button, then select control panel

b) Click on “Category then select Large Icons” to make it easier to find the program

c) Search for “File Explorer Option”

d) Change Mark “Do not Show hidden files, folder, or drives” to “Show hidden files, folder, or drives”. Then click “OK”

e) Please check in your flash disk is a file still hidden or already appear. (Usually the file is still blurry)

f) To make the file hidden is not easy. Select all the hidden files then right-click on the selected file and click “properties”.

g) Eliminate Mark on “Hidden” and click “OK”.

h) If it is a file that will appear in the selected folder, click “Apply changes to this folder only”, click “Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files (if the file in the folder is also hid). Then click “OK”.

2) Second are likely to be caused by viruses

a) Open CMD (Command Prompt). You can press the “Windows + R” button on the keyboard. Will exit the “RUN” application, then click CMD and click “OK”. Then will open the CMD Program.

b) Then click the name of your flash drive, for example on my computer is “FlashDisk (G :)”. So click G: then hit “Enter”.

Note: Drive names may differ on each computer, for example = “E:”, “F:”, “H:” etc.

c) Last step click Attrib -r -a -s -h *. * / s / d then press Enter. Wait until the process is complete. Will go out as follows. (May be different from pictures)

d) Files hidden by the virus have reappeared.

Hopefully useful! 🙂