Knowing the complete specifications of your computer or laptop is very important and so important to do, the article examines component quality, you can easily install software and windows and games without having to consider your PC’s capabilities.

Some computer or laptop companies already have stickers or patches showing product specification details, but not all brands have very detailed details.

How To See Computer And Laptop Specs

There are many ways to check for a complete computer or laptop component, one with software if you do not want to disassemble the CPU, but you can do the following tips without performing the CPU and installing the software.

1. Via DirectX Diagnostic Tools

The first step is to enter the RUN menu, that is, you can press the Win + R button until the display appears below.


When you enter a RUN, the second thing to use is to type the letter “dxdiag”. Be sure to review the letters you pressed, so that there is not an incorrect word and then press OK.


After pressing the OK option, you will automatically be able to enter the DirectX Diagnostic Tools window immediately.


Understanding menu windows in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:

  1. The System Menu displays general information about the specifications of your computer or laptop.
  2. The Display menu contains things related to Onboard VGA or VGA cards on the device.
  3. The sound menu shows the sound card (Sound Card) and the driver installed.
  4. The input menu presents the input device you use such as keyboard mouse and others.

2. Through “My Computer”

The second tip to know the specifications of your PC or laptop is, through the “my computer” shortcut.


After you open “my computer”, then right-click on the mouse everywhere then select “Properties” to display as shown below.


From there, you can check the specifications of the computer or laptop components but not so complete. If you want to see more details, press the “Device Manager” option.