Time-to-read: Russian-speaking Spyware. It was very annoying. Usually these ads will automatically open a web browser and will appear when we’re running something on our computer, like watching movies, typing, designing or even playing games, the browser will suddenly appear without us opening it.

Time-to-read displays all Russian language articles. For those of you who do not understand Russian, this is useless. Time-to-read embedded on your PC does not go through the installer itself, usually time-to-read will be installed through other applications that you install on your computer. Time-to-read by yourself will affect the performance of your web browser while surfing the internet. The speed of the web browser will feel slower as the web browser will continue to load ads that always follow you when you use a web browser.

STEP 1: Delete suspicious apps

  • 1) Open the control panel, with Run “Windows + R” and click “control panel” then click “Enter” then select “Programs and Features”.

  • 2) Locate and click on the suspicious program then click “uninstall”.

STEP 2: Uninstall suspicious web browsers
Google Chrome

  • 1) Click on the top right corner and choose the setting.

  • 2) Click “Extensions” in the selection on the left.

  • 3) Locate the suspicious connection and click the trash icon to the right of the extension.
Mozilla Firefox
  • 1) Click on the top right corner. and select “Add-Ons”.

  • 2) Select the menu “Extensions” on the left.

  • 3) Delete or remove suspicious connections from Mozilla Firefox.
STEP 3: Reset web browser
Google Chrome
  • 1) Click on the top right corner and select settings.
  • 2) Swipe down and select “Show advanced Setting …”

  • 3) Scroll to the bottom and select “Reset Settings”.

  • 4) In the window that appears select “Reset”.

Mozilla Firefox
  • 1) Click on the top right corner. And select the “?” Icon.

  • 2) Select “Troubleshooting information”.

  • 3) Click “Refresh Firefox”.

  • 4) Click “Refresh Firefox” and wait for preses to finish.