1. ALU

ALU is a process that calculates calculations and logic, ALU is also known as “Language Unit”. The circuit used by ALU is Adder, which means he will execute the process simultaneously.
ALU also has the function to produce results. Which means he will decide the order he received. such as “Equal, Not equal to, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less or equal to”.

2. CU

This section works to manage data traffic ie input or output. in this part the input will be translated to be recognized as input, data type, or storage. then with this unit all the processes will run on a regular basis.

3. Sign up

The list is the part that serves as a temporary data store. My list name has a higher access speed than RAM. all data processed and processed will be handled in this part of the registration. The logic is like the human brain, which works while remembering something.