In accessing the internet can use various methods, commonly used by using telecom providers (sim cards) and using wireless or commonly called WiFi. The existence of wifi itself has been found in many cities and entertainment places.

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Indeed, WiFi is famous for its wide range of internet users, the wifi itself is very much preferred internet users who have connections and internet access quite high when compared to sim cards. Not only that wifi also tends to be more stable the connection does not go down.

Wifi it self works with radio signals that can transmit data quickly, At least the connected wifi must have a relatively close distance usually less than 20 meters. Further obstacles and more obstructing gestures, then the connection will be slow and vice versa if a short distance with few barriers will fast the internet.

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WiFi is widely known today, and the presence of WiFi is highly sought after as it can access the internet at high speed. The WiFi network is almost the same as using a LAN cable in the office, but WiFi converts cables to radio signals that can transmit data quickly.

Did you know that to enable wifi on a computer or laptop, can use additional software or even with built-in software from windows. But the main thing to make sure you’re using a Windows 7 or higher operating system like windows 8 and 10. Actually there are 2 methods that I will share in the first method is to create a hotspot from a computer or laptop with software or applications.

# 1. How to Turn a Laptop to a WiFi Hotspot with Software / Applications

The first way is relatively easy to do, how to use an additional application that is mHotspot. This application will help you bring your laptop or laptop computer practical and easy. Take a look at tutorials on how to make your computer a hotspot and enable hotspot on pc easy and fast.

a. First step please download and install mHotspot app.

b. If you open the application with admin mode. Click Start> type “mhotspot”> Right Click Run as Administator.

c. Once open please fill in your existing section:

• Hostanme: To set your hotspot name.

• Password: to give password on your hotspot.

• Internet source: Select Wi Fi

• Maximum Customers: Maximum number of loops that can be connected to your Hotspot.

d. Then click “Start Hotspot”. Then the hotspot will Active as shown below.

e. Finished, you turn on wifi on a smartphone or other mobile device and connect it to a hotspot that has been created. Connect wifi by hostname and input password. This method is very easy to do, because then you can turn the computer directly into the hotspot. Note that when you run this application make sure run run as administrator, This way you can also use in windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 and 10.