You may have problems with computer speakers being damaged and should not be used, or when using your laptop speakers you are experiencing some problems until eventually they are not working. Did you know there’s a way to handle this, using your #android smartphone or tablet? Tell us how to share it.

Required Applications and Software

1. For Android devices, install the Soundwire app from google play store through this link

2. For PC devices, download and install SoundWire Server via this link

After you install the required application, please follow the following steps below:

1. When the application is installed, connect the PC or laptop device as the server and android device as the receiver on the same wifi network.

2. Open the Soundwire server on your PC, then you will see how it looks like in the picture below:


In the picture above, there are several settings that you can choose or adapt to your needs. For example, you can select the Output device in Input Select and record the sound with the available record button. To adjust the sound, you can use 3 options, ie via volume buttons on Android, volume on Windows / Linux, or through audio output on Soundwire servers.

Soundwire server windows still show disconnected information which means that between Android and PC still not connected. At this stage, stack on Server Address:

3. Please open the Soundwire app on your Android device, then you will get a look like the picture below (the server address is empty) :


4. Enter the server address listed on the Soundwire server on the PC in the soundwire app, then click on the Soundwire logo located on the server form so the logo color becomes orange.


5. After that check on the Soundwire server then you will find that the status has changed from disconnected (red) to connected (green).


6. Your wireless speakers have been connected. You just have to activate music or open the video, the audio will come out through android. Here is the display of soundwire servers when active:


As a side note, Soundwire operations do not require internet connection, but enough to connect to the same wifi network. In other words, you can use android tethering without having to connect to the internet.