If your home is on wifi, you are advised to always change your password at least once a month to avoid wifi being stolen from a neighbor’s neighborhood. If you fail to change your password, your wifi will have the potential to be slow to access the internet as more and more people are using wifi the more wifi security you use.

Perhaps you’ve wondered about how many devices or devices are using your wifi. Here we share with you how to find out what devices you have or ever connected to your wifi.

a) First of all, you need to install WIOMW application or software.

1) Place the name on the “Description / Description” section to mark a computer that may be connected to your Wifi network.

2) Match “IP Address” with the device that you allow to connect to. Then place “Known ” on the “Known / Unknown” tab to indicate you recognize the device / tool.

3) Click “X” on the “Remove” tab to remove the device / gadget you did not recognize.

Now you can monitor anyone who uses your Wifi connection without worrying about who stole your network and make your connection slower.