Keeping a laptop is often forgotten by the owner of the laptop itself. While keeping a laptop is a very important thing to maintain performance and avoid the laptop from damage. Keeping your laptop is really easy and does not take long. Here we list how to keep the laptop properly and correctly.

1) Do not play games often
This is very influential in the performance of laptops. playing games that are beyond the capabilities of the notebook itself will cause the laptop to be too hot. Not all laptops can be used to play free games. I recommend using a dedicated laptop for gaming if you want to play heavy games, this will cause the device to overheat and fail to work if only using a laptop with standard specifications.

2) Use the laptop in a hard and flat place only
Most people use a laptop in bed or on a pillow. Actually this is very dangerous for your laptop, because when the laptop is placed on a soft and uneven surface, the air circulation for the airways will be closed. This will cause the laptop’s internal device to overheat.

3) Bring the keyboard and laptop screen
This is an easy but often forgotten thing, rarely removing the keyboard will cause the possibility of keyboard keys being damaged. Likewise with the screen, if it is rare to clean the screen will have a flag (dirt attached and difficult to clean).

4) Keep away from small children
Of course many already know about this, little kids do not know much. Therefore, usually little kids will find out about things that are unfamiliar to him. Like laptops, it is feared that there will be undesirable things if they fall into the hands of small children.

5) Keep away from liquids
Laptop system crashes will most likely occur. Your laptop can not be used again if too many components are damaged due to exposure to liquids.

6) Charge your laptop battery properly
Do not use a laptop when charging a laptop battery. In fact this can damage laptop batteries faster. The correct way is to remove it when it is full, and reinstall it when it is almost gone (when the warning appears) but do not let the laptop battery be switched on until the laptop is switched off when used. It will make the battery decrease.

7) Do not put things on the laptop
Putting heavy objects on a laptop can cause a laptop screen to break, or even break down on other laptop components.

8) Do not install any application
There are many applications that can be downloaded from the internet freely. However there is no guarantee that files taken from the internet are 100% clean from the virus. Therefore, first check the security of the application that you will install on your laptop. And of course it also uses Anti Virus.

9) Notice how to put a cable
Make sure the charger is rolled properly when not in use. Do not touch sharp objects to prevent wires scratched. Put it in a safe place.

10) Note the temperature on the laptop
The latter is often underestimated, when the temperature exceeds the limit causes the main component of the laptop to be damaged.