How to protect your computer from virus attacks: Viruses that have been transmitted / inserted into a computer system can damage the computer itself. The risk that our computer is attacked by viruses is an interruption in application software to the OS (Operating System). And it may cause damage to computer hardware.

1. Do not install any application

Installing any application is a major cause of the spread of the virus into the computer. To avoid this, please install the only original application.

2. Do not use any usb / pendrive anymore

Using usb or pendrive at will also can cause your computer to be infected with the virus. Therefore, to prevent your computer from being infected with the virus, first scan the usb or pendrive to be used.

3. Install Anti-Virus

Anti-virus is very important to prevent virus-infected computers. There are various types of anti-virus for computers that are suitable for 1 user or more. Anti-virus is one of the computer savvors of the virus.

4. Do not open any website

There are too many websites that have viruses. If you have mistakenly opened the website, it is possible that the computer may be infected with the virus. So to prevent a virus from being infected, avoid surfing the non-essential website.