At this time we’ll be discussing how or how to install the computer properly. The computer named in the other name is, CPU. As we know, installing the CPU is not easy and it is not too difficult. Here we include a way for your knowledge.

Prepare first the things to be used.

1) Prepare the essential things that required
2) Check the compatibility between all the hardware, especially on the processor socket and the motherboard
3) Provide the necessary tools
4) Prepare your mental and physical incorrectly to install components on the CPU
5) Define your goals as you want to install the CPU

Step or how to install CPU:

Component required by us (Example)

1) Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3-3240, Socket LGA1155
2) Mobo: Gigabyte ™ ™ H61M-S2P R3, USB 3.0, Socket LGA1155
3) RAM: Kingston DDR3, 4GB
4) VGA card: Gigabyte ™ NVIDIA Geforce GT 630
5) PSU: Dazumba 450W
6) Harddisk: Seagate 500GB, SATA

Here’s how:

1) Install the processor into the motherboard socket by first unlocking the motherboard. Then give thermal paste before installing heatsink (fan)

2) Install the heatsink on the processor. Attach carefully, be sure to be fixed properly so as not to sway.

3) Install the motherboard on the casing.

4) Plug the front panel cable.

5) Install RAM (Random Access Memory) by pressing the RAM side until it locks.

6) Install power supply. Then plug the wire in the proper place.

7) Insert the Hard Disk with the appropriate screw so as not to sway.
8) Install SATA / ATA Cable, which we use is SATA cable because of Hard Disk support with SATA cable.
9) Install the VGA card. Please ensure that the VGA card is installed correctly.
10) The last step is to correct all cables and make sure they are installed correctly. Especially the cable for cooler fan. Then close the CPU case. And done. Your CPU is ready to be installed.