Hard Disk & Its Functions |

For those of you who are looking for hard disk and its functionality for knowledge or to do the task, I will give you a detailed explanation in accordance with the frequently asked questions in google search. It is important to know the use of the hard drive so you know how to repair the hard drive and use it properly.


Hardisk is one of the computer hardware or hardware components that provides space for storing data or output from data processing performed by computers and humans. Hard drives are usually box-shaped and there is a disk where the data is stored. Hard drives are data-saving even if your computer or laptop is erased, the data contained in the hard drive will remain unless you manually delete it or hard-drive effected by computer virus.


The Hardisk function is to keep the data permanently into the sectors available on the disks that are already available in it for read and write, the other thing with the RAM whose function is only to store data temporarily. Because of this, the role of the hard drive is vital because of what the use of the computer should not store data that has been processed.

Before it can be used, the hard drive must first be in part according to the operating system format used, the example in the windows partition format on the hard disk is usually NTFS type. Why is it important to format? Because the operating system can recognize and use the hadisk in accordance with the format of the operation.