How to Fix Dead Computer Power Supply ~ The computer is now a must-have thing we have to be able to complete some specific work. However, any electronic thing can not be separated from the problem of damage, especially if it has been used for a long time.

One of the most common problems is the power supply of a dead computer. If this happens, you may need some tips or how to repair the power supply of a dead computer to work normally again.

Before discussing how to repair, it’s good to know some of the signs and causes of your computer’s power supply problem:

  • The computer does not live when the power button is pressed. To turn on the computer, the only way is to press the power button. And if the computer is still not alive this means your power supply is indeed a problem.
  • There are some wires or plug that have not been installed properly is one of the reasons your power supply is not working. Be sure to check the necessary connections before turning on the computer.
  • The boot process is a bit longer then a sudden rebooting, also becomes a problematic power supply. Also, continuous beeps can also be the main cause of your power supply not working.

By knowing the features and causes of the breakdown of the power supply above, it is important that we know how to repair the power supply of the dead computer.

It should be noted that the dead power supply will usually be difficult to repair, especially if you are not particularly skilled with electronics or computer repair.

So the best way is to buy a computer power supply with a new one. The price of power supply in the market may be sold at varying prices, but in general the price is quite cheap.

Here we include how to repair the dead power supply:

  • Make sure everything is off and pull off the cable from the port. Wear gloves if necessary. Then, remove the PC and disconnect all connecting cables connected to the hard drive, and other important parts. After that, remove the connector also from the power supply connected to the motherboard.
  • Then, open the PC case and remove the damaged power supply. Make sure you do it carefully as there are many cables in the PC. Additionally, bolts attached to the PC case should be removed.
  • Installation of new power supply can be done easily. Simply insert the power supply into the PC case carefully. Make sure the placement is the same as the original position. Then, put all the bolts on the casing. Finish plugging all the bolts, tighten the bolts so that they are stronger and stronger to withstand the power supply.
  • Before checking the new power supply, make sure all the connectors removed are properly assembled. Also check other elements such as cable tweezers and others. When everything is complete, then the computer can try to restart.