How To Fix a Damaged Wireless Mouse ~ Mouse is one of the computer hardware that works as an input device. The function of course you already know is not it?

Basically the mouse is used as a pointer or pointer, and has some other important functions like right click, left click and also scroll bar.

As a computer user, you may have encountered a mouse that is not working properly, can not be moved, click does not work and others.

This is usually related to various factors that are associated with problematic software or computer hardware.

So, before making a decision to replace the wireless mouse with a new one, some of these ways you can use to fix the problematic mouse.

How To Fix a Damaged Wireless Mouse

Here are some common problems with wireless mouse and how to fix it:

  • Troubled Connection

When the mouse we’re using has a loose connection or the cursor does not move the mouse, then all we need to do is check the wireless mouse connection on the computer / laptop usb port.

It may be possible that the wireless mouse receiver is not properly installed. To fix this, unplug the wireless mouse receiver and the plug. If the port is problematic, replace it with another port.

  • Weak Battery Power

The wireless mouse of course will not work normally when the battery is weak. To do so, open the cover where the mouse is stored, and replace it with the new one.

In addition to weak batteries, other problems can also occur when signal and receiver range is weak. Signal interrupt occurs when there are cues from some other devices that interfere with wireless mouse connections, such as fluorescent lights, radios, telephones, and other metal objects.

The disturbance needs to be kept away from the wireless mouse so that mouse and receiver devices can capture the signal properly.

  • Software Problems

Some special features such as extra buttons or quick access keys, require certain software to support performance. In some cases, the software is not compatible with the computer or it fails to install.

For this problem, you can reinstall the compatible wireless mouse software.

  • Device Damage

The use of wireless mouse for a long time can cause the mouse to not work. Like other electronic items, the mouse can also suffer from physical damage. For this problem, you can replace it with a new wireless mouse.

  • Virus

Viruses can also cause the mouse to not work properly. Sometimes clicking on itself, the cursor jumps out of control, and the other may be caused by the virus.

Use quality antivirus to scan the entire computer system. Also check for certain software configurations that may change and cause the mouse to stumble.

To prevent the wireless mouse from experiencing a problem or not working, you should use a quality battery.

Also clean the mouse pad and your computer desk. Dust can also cause interference to the hardware used.