How To Fix a Not Working Computer Keyboard ~ You may have encountered a non-functional computer keyboard when it is used. If you work with a computer, the problematic keyboard will definitely stop the activity.

How to set a non-functioning computer keyboard is actually quite easy to use without the help of others. Knowledge of the maintenance of this hardware needs to be known, especially if we work on a computer continuously.

The keyboard is a hardware that helps us to enter data. The keyboard is one of the tools we always use when playing a computer.

There are several key causes of non-functional computer keys. Here are the common reasons for computer keys that are trapped or damaged during use.

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Causes and signs do not work:

1. Affected by water

2. Dust

3. Damp air

All three of these causes are the non-functional causes that usually occur on the computer keyboard.

Keyboard alert not working:

1. Button like self-esteem

2. There is a long beep when the computer starts

3. One of the keyboard keys can not be used

How To Fix Computer Not Serving Computers:

1. Damage On Buttons

The damage button is 2 types. There is damage to all non-functional buttons, and there are also some partial damage.

Some keyboard keys do not work much because many dust is buried inside the keyboard. Usually the dust is attached to the opacity area of the keypad.

How to fix it is to open the keyboard first. Then clean the emphasis path by using alcohol that has been given alcohol. Apply evenly on the surface carefully and not too pressing. In addition to alcoholic tissue, we can also clean it with a soft, soft brush. Do it slowly.

2. Battery Low On Keyboard Wireless

Currently the keyboard has changed to the use of wireless systems. If we first see the keyboard only using a cable type to connect to a computer port, then the current wireless keyboard is usually used.

The wireless keyboard of course uses extra power ie battery, so if the keybaord battery key has run out or low, your keyboard will not work at all. To fix this, please replace the new battery’s keyboard.

3. Troubles Computer Ports

The keyboard communicates with the computer via the port. If the connection port is not working then make sure the computer can not be used.

To fix this, please change the use of the keyboard port to another port. If you are using a cable type keyboard, make sure the port cable is inserted properly.

Similarly with the use of wireless keyboards, make sure the wireless key receiver is properly installed.

4. Driver Problems

Some special keyboards, using separate drivers. If this driver has a problem, of course, the keyboard will not work properly. To repair, please reinstall the supported drive with the keyboard used.

How to Manage Computer Keyboard

This method looks trivial, but has a big impact for smooth keyboard. We need to do it regularly so that our keyboard is more durable.

1. Clean the keyboard once a week using a special cleaning fluid keyboard.

2. Prepare a soft dry brush to clean the dust on the path of bullying. If we rarely clean, this dust will thicken and enter the way of oppression in the letters.

3. Keep the keyboard away from aqueous or liquid object. If the keyboard is exposed to water spills, it may break the keyboard.

4. Use the keyboard protector so that dust does not nest directly in the way of the letters press.