Often people buying mousepad wonder why different prices. Is there any difference in each mousepad? To find answers on the internet is also very difficult. Therefore, we from Tyfon Tech Sdn Bhd will share with you more detail information.

We have done some experiments on the comparison between the two mousepads.

1. Standard Mousepad

Standard Mousepad is a mousepad that we often use in an office or sibercafe environment. Mousepad is often an option for people who do not need speed and accuracy. The price is cheaper.

Notice the Schedule below for more information on the standard Mousepad:

2. Mousepad Gaming

Game mousepad is usually used by certain people, for example graphic designers and is definitely the gamers. There are also some sibercafe providing this kind of mousepad for their customers who play hardcore games. The difference between these two mousepads is usually at the price. Usually the gaming mousepad price is more expensive than the standard mousepad.

From the above comparison, you may better understand why Mousepad’s standard price with Mousepad Gaming prices is very far. Now depends on which one you want to choose.

Tip: Choose Mousepad better tailored to the brand than the mouse used.

Hopefully useful! 🙂