Many people think that crackers and hackers are the same, but they are actually two different things. Both are judged as communities or individuals that damage the network security system. To clarify our case from Tyfon Tech Sdn Bhd will give you some definitions that will add to your insights.

Crackers are individuals or groups that break down the security of a negative / malicious system. Crackers usually break the application / program system unauthorized.

Crackers work by penetrating the security password that has been embedded in the program / application using a specific algorithm. Crackers do their work in a short time, depending on how complicated algorithms are embedded in the program, the methods used by the crackers are very simple, but the methods used by the crackers are effective. And so far no security system has been able to survive cracker cracking.

Not much different from Cracker, Hacker is also an individual or group who specializes in penetrating system security. But the hacker’s character is not always negative. Hackers are divided into groups, namely.

Black Hat Hackers: This group carries out negative things for their own sake and certainly harms others. In this case Black Hat Hacker can be called Cracker.

White Hat Hackers: This is against “Black Hat Hackers”. The hacking group is tasked with doing positive things to counter the “Black Hat Hackers” crime. White Hat Hackers hacks programs with permissions in order to discover program vulnerabilities and provide input to improve hacked system endurance systems. Generally these groups work in international security departments like “Security Analysts”.