Difference of LCD and LED monitor ~  LCDs and LEDs are hard to distinguish. Maybe you think LCDs with LEDs are the same but generally LCD and LEDs are different.

Let’s see where the difference is:

In terms of its name only we can know the difference between LCD and LED. Which LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, while LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

  • Materials

LCDs and LEDs are both matrices that produce 3 basic colors, ie RGB or Red Green Blue colors. But the difference is the LCD that consists of crystal liquid matrix while the LED consists of LED matrices.

The basic difference between the two is to produce color on the monitor and ultimately be visible to the user, the LCD needs backdrop support / white backlight. Although LEDs do not require a backlight, the matrix that shapes the LED will automatically generate their own light so that the colors will appear themselves.

  • Display Angles

Angle display owned by LCD and LEDs is different. The LCD has an arrow angle view of the LED. The angle view is owned by the LCD is narrower as the LCD panel  size is composed of several layers, so the structure is somewhat thicker. In contrast to LEDs that have a broader and thinner viewing angle. The light emitted by the LED monitor is clearer and does not require backlight assistance to emit light.

  • Color Sharpness

The color sharpness problem, once again the LED is superior to the LCD. LCD monitors have lower acuity than LED monitors. If they are lit next to them, the LED monitor will appear to have a clearer color contrast. Especially in black and white, you will be able to differentiate itself.

  • Endurance

In terms of durability, the LCD is still lower than the LED. If you have an LED monitor, when the monitor is switched on, the durability can be up to 100,000 hours. But the LCD monitor can only last up to 60,000 hours. The LED has a thinner design than the LCD so its resistance is also more efficient. However the LCD is larger in design and also uses CCFL technology that keeps the light emitted.

  • Price

If you are studying before buying, you will surely know how the color or picture quality is produced on the LCD screen and LED screen. As you know, the LED monitor screen is more beautiful. So, it is not surprising if the price of LED monitors is much more expensive than the price of LCD monitors though the same screen size.