How to create autorun for CD / DVD / ISO: You may have encountered problems such as your CD / DVD or mount ISO files and pop up windows as shown below. (The picture below is taken from Windows 10 OS, it can look different on other OS)

The above window is “Autorun” which works to run files automatically.

On this occasion, we will provide tips & tricks on how to create an automatic run file, which may be useful for you who want to create an Image file to burn to CD / DVD, so that your burned file will run automatically when the CD / DVD is inserted into the PC device. Tutorial below:

1. Open Notepad by pressing the Windows + R key and typing Notepad and press Enter.
2. Fill in the notepad as in the example below.


open = NamaFile.exe
icon = NamaFileIcon.ico

For files found in sub folders can be filled as follows:


open = NameFolder / NameFile.exe
icon = NameFolder / NameFileIcon.ico

Note the example below we will create an autorun for the setup of the Halo CE game.

3. After you type the file name and icon, save it by clicking on the file and save or Ctrl + S.
4. Save it with the name “Autorun.inf” and change the Save As Type to “All Files” then save the folder with all the files that will be created as an image file. Like the example below.

5. So here, the Autorun file creation process has been completed and all your files are ready to be created as image files.