How to Handle Computer Unable to Log In Windows ~ When you turn on or restart your computer and computer just displays an error or bluescreen, then you are experiencing one of the most frequent problems for computer users. The problem is that computers can not enter windows. This problem arises because the computer boot process is not perfect or there is a possibility that the boot process may stop midway.

As a layman on the computer world you may be panicking and confused about the emergence of this problem. Perhaps you will be wondering if your computer is damaged and so on. But before you become panicked, it’s good to know some things that might cause the computer to not get into the windows. This knowledge will help you when facing similar problems in the future.

Here are some reasons why your computer can not fit into the windows:

1. There are files accidentally deleted in the Windows Operating System

2. There is a possibility of a virus, spyware or Trojan that comes loaded when you start the computer.

3. There is damage to the file or driver that causes the windows to fail to read it.

4. Windows Operating System is damaged or not installed.

5. There are BIOS settings that have been changed or incorrect.

From the aforementioned reasons mentioned above, you can try to check and solve the problem in several ways, including the following:

1. Try to start using Safe Mode

You can press F5 from your keyboard when the computer first goes to windows. Then select Safe Mode, when the computer is successfully entering windows means there will be a loading that can not be read by windows correctly. Try turning off loading by using “MSconfig” in the initial step. (Start => run => Msconfig).

2. The easiest way to recover a computer that can not access windows is to repair the windows. Insert the windows installation CD then change the BIOS to try start-up via CD or DVD-ROM, then after the installation goes to the install windows section then choose the repair windows option. You can install windows to a new folder or perform a hard drive format if windows repairs fail.

3. Make sure you did not change the BIOS settings before. If you have changed the BIOS settings then you need to restore the original BIOS settings. If you forget, we recommend choosing Default Default BIOS.

4. Damage to VGA Card Drivers may also cause the computer to not enter the windows. For these reasons, you can try to do Safe Mode then uninstall the damaged VGA Card Driver then reinstall the correct VGA Driver when logging in to the windows normally.

If these four ways have been done and you failed, then one of your hardware might be damaged. Usually damaged hardware is VGA Hard Drive and also Mainboard also damaged, but Mainboard damage is the smallest possibility.