How to connect two computers with LAN cable | For those of you who want to connect two computers in order to connect and communicate well for the purpose of exchanging data, sharing fail, sharing internet connection, sharing applications, games, printers and others then the easiest way is to use UTP cable or LAN cable . Know how to do this:

  • Ethernet port or LAN Card and also called NIC Card is a network card where to install both ends of cable.

The LAN Card function on the OSI layer is in the physical layer that provides data links between computers to be connected.

  • A LAN cable which is also a network hardware used as a transmission
  • medium to connect one computer to another computer in the network

If you already have the requirements mentioned above, simply plug the two ends of the cable into the LAN card port for both computers, and the next task is to “set the ip address” on both computers.

How to set your ip computer address is very easy. Here we will try to make the ip address settings on the windows computer.

  • Click the network logo on the bottom-right toolbar of your desktop screen, and click Open Network and Sharing Center

  • On the Network and Sharing Center page, click Local Area Connection, Properties and double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)

  • On computer B please perform ip address settings in the same way and use different ip. The ip address function (internet protocol address) is the binary number line between 32 bit to 128 bit used as the identity address of each computer in the network. Therefore the ip address must be unique or there may not be two or more computers with the same ip address.

  • To test whether the two computers are connected, please ping through cmd. How to press Win + R type cmd press enter or from All Programs, Accessories and click Command Prompt.
  • If the command prompt is open, type ping and hit enter.

If the ping is successful and there is a reply message, this means that both computers are connected and you are able to communicate either to share data, share extensions, share resources and more.