These two people are two of the most significant people of time. STEVE WOZNIAK & STEVE JOBS. Together, they literally changed the world and significantly impacted the lives of almost every person on the Earth! And that is no overstatement! Below is simple history about them:

  • 1955- Steve Jobs was born
  • 1976- Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer in Jobs parent’s garage
  • 1977- Apple releases the first mass-sold personal computer: Apple II
  • 1983- Apple releases Lisa I, the first computer with graphics user interface and first mouse
  • 1984- Apple releases Macintosh, the first mass-market personal computer featuring an integral graphical user interface and mouse
  • 1985- Steve founded NeXT, the high end technologically advanced computer company
  • 1986- Jobs buys Pixar from Lucasfilms and starts a revolution in the animated film industry
  • 1996- Apple buys NeXT along with Jobs and starts a new era of consumer electronics and mobile communications
  • 1998- Apple releases an original all in one computer known as the iMac
  • 2001- Apple releases the iPod, which becomes the best selling music player of all time
  • 2004- Jobs announce that he has been diagnosed pancreatic cancer, from which he was cured during the time
  • 2007- Apple announces iPhone, father of all smartphones, that we carry in our pockets today
  • 2010- First iPad was introduced
  • 2011- Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56, the day after iPhone 4S was released

The incredible, mind blowing Genius of Steve Wozniak (The WOZ), the most under-rated person in the public’s eye concerning the computer revolution, not only invented the personal computer, but is the only human being to ever single-handedly design and build a computer from scratch! The list of his amazing engineering feats and technical accomplishments (including inventing the typing interface for computers, the Universal Remote etc.) is absolutely staggering, and on top of that he is apparently one of the most un-assuming and nicest human beings you could ever meet. Without him, Steve Jobs could NEVER have done what he did.


BUT, Steve Jobs DID have the WOZ, and what he did with that genius is leverage it into the largest, most profitable company in the history of the world at the time of his death! Along the way, he changed the way we do everything on computers, with MP3 players and music, with phones and apps, with notebook pads, and even movies with Pixar. His vision, determination, and extreme perfection smashed every market he touched, including the retail market, and broke every achievement record related to them.


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