Various methods can be practiced to select PC / Laptop 2nd hand still be in good condition, 9 measures listed best to buy high-quality experience:

  1. Source

– Need to find the source of ego before buying :

*Online (Check rating / feedback customers)

*Walk in (Check Pc Condition).

  1. What is the using purpose

– You need to know your daily use before buying, there are 3 computer use:

*Basic (Email, Web Surfing, Basic Office)

*Intermediate (All of the above basic creative + software + download / Manage Music + Advanced Office)

*Advanced (All of the above + Music / Photo / Movie Editing, Gaming, Web hosting, Advance features)

  1. Boot

– The term ‘boot’ is only applicable for computer equipment only, so the first step is to check if your PC / Laptop is working or not.

  1. Battery

– Usually the laptop battery can last for 2-3 years, the existing batteries that should be replaced only if the battery warning appears, but you can check the battery disconnect the plug and wait for the computer turns off, if the computer goes off less than 20 minutes, the sign battery should be changed.

  1. Check the Hard Disk

– Check the condition of the Hard disk Hard Disk Software testing. (Seagate SeaTools, HDDScan).

  1. Check the CD-Drive

– Cuba ‘burn’ all types of media supported by a CD-drive. (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW)

  1. Inspection PC

– Examine the following components:

*Frame – Check the case and chassis in the top corner to trace the effects of fallout. Also, check to see other defects such as loose hinge, lid alignment, warping and even the loss of the screw and the lid port (port lid).

*Screen – Check the condition of either a flashing screen or enlightenment that has irregular (uneven brightness). In addition, check if the screen has a dead pixel or not, if any, you can see a white spot on a particular kawasan2.

*Equipment (Peripherals) – Check equipment / accessories such as a keyboard and track pad as this equipment is used every day. The ports that need to be examined existing as well as USB, LAN, HDMI, VGA and other ports.

*RAM – The amount of RAM play a role in determining the speed of your PC / Laptop. During the inspection, check the amount of RAM because RAM slots are easily available now and can be upgraded itself if it has excess RAM slot.

  1. Internet

– Ask the salesperson to show you how to get a connection to the internet to ensure that the wireless adapter is working.

  1. Software

– Check the license for any software that has been installed right into your computer, because the software without a license can not get the latest updates from the publisher’s mouth.