For me, everyone should have laptop. Yes, it’s better if you have it for your own, but not borrow it all the times. Nowadays, a lot of things can be found and made by your fingertips. You can finish your work in proper documentation, make money, provide information and education, content video, deliver message, connecting people and a lots things more than you think.

If you still having dilemma why you should own a laptop, read these below:
  • Portable – laptop can be so simple as bring it elsewhere without limitation. I mean, even if you doing your own activities from one place to another, like workplace or house. Even if you sit down in your chair or lay on your bed, you still can watch movie and surf internet.
  • Easy-access USB – almost description of laptops have 4 USB ports. The USB can easily found at two on the side, two on the back and it is very easy reach.
  • Easier keyboards – your typing speed will increase day by day because of the laptop keyboard is user friendly. After a while, going back to the desktop feels old compared to the super-easy laptop keys.
  • Better resale value – PCs hold little value if you want to sell it, but laptops hold a lot more.
  • Space-saver – one does not know the joy of owning a laptop until you put it on the computer desk. After that, you will realize all the space you get back. All you have is the laptop and possibly an external mouse and pad. That’s it.
  • Energy-saver – laptops use far less energy than desktop PCs can do for you.
  • Easier to work on – most laptops only require one screw to remove the hard drive or RAM. After that it’s literally pop in/pop out to upgrade. It doesn’t get any easier.

So how is it so far? I know you already get your answer. Just go ahead, get that laptop. You’ll be happy you did. Ups, buy new one is too expensive right? It’s ok, thats why you need TYFONTECH, we provide you high quality second hand laptop in every aspect you need.