10 Signs – Computer Affected By Virus ☣

1. Memory on your drive shrinks suddenly

The features of your computer that are exposed to the first virus are the sudden depletion of your memory, but you do not copy or install new applications. This could be because the virus has installed itself so it can take up a lot of your computer’s RAM. This will cause the memory on your disk drive to shrink and greatly reduce.

2. Your files corrupted

Corrupt files are some of the symptoms that are the characteristics of one or more of the viruses in your computer. Usually the virus can deliberately remove or mereplace your default file, so this will cause your file to corrupt or experience missing file symptoms. Usually when the file is gone, then it can be done is to restore the total, so that the file can be returned, with the damage record is due to the virus, and it is not a hardware damage.

3. Harddisk Corrupt

Your hard drive may be corrupt and show unusual symptoms. One that could possibly be the format of a changed hard drive, or hard disk or portable storage, such as a flash drive being locked and unusable.

4. The files are missing / hidden

It is one of the many features that you may have and often do. The virus can make the files contained in your hard drive become lost or hidden. When scans are performed, files and folders will be detected, but you will not be able to access them. To access the file again you must use the command prompt to remove the Hidden and Archive attributes that are intentionally done by the computer virus.

5. The performance of the computer becomes slowed down

Another feature of the virus that has started spreading to your computer is drastically decreasing computer performance. This is because the virus consumes a lot of memory and also RAM on your computer, so that the rest of the space on the RAM and hard drive is getting smaller. It relates to the slowdown of your computer performance. In addition, the virus can also heat up the CPU, as it works over and over uncontrollably Read: How to keep the laptop out of place.

6. Computers experience self-restart or sudden death

Self-restart and sudden death is also one of the characteristics of a virus-infected computer in your computer system. Even other effects are computers often hang. Usually, this often happens when the virus has begun to infect your computer. Your computer will often experience auto restarting, or sudden shutdown.

7. There are programs that may not work as usual

Sometimes, viruses that infect your computer may also cause your application to run smoothly and corrupt. It connects closely with the missing files in the software directory, so this can cause a software to run normally and corrupt.

8. Antivirus is suddenly off

Usually, the virus also has a smart ability, because it can do non-active antivirus. With this ability, the virus can make the antivirus installed on your computer die suddenly. Even worse, you may not be able to turn on and re-enable protection from your antivirus.

9. Appearing strange messages or notifications

Occasionally, the issue occurs on the website or email, where the virus that enters the network successfully infects your computer, and then automatically displays some of your bai alias messages, such as writing with a very disturbing alien language, as it may appear suddenly when using our computer.

10. The appearance of strange files in your computer

Other features that most commonly occur when your computer is infected with viruses is the appearance of strange files in your computer. Typically, these files will appear without you being aware, and can be a .EXE .CONF .DLL file and many more.